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I have accepted 8 days, there is a 2 for 1 credit and 1 day for time served upon arrest. I was ordered to turn myself in at 7 pm and to be released 7 pm Sunday for work. Does this sentence calculate to 3.5 or 3 days? So would this just be a weekend in jail.

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The Sentencing Calculator is designed to help you determine the time that an offender must serve based on current sentencing information and previous time served/credited. First, enter the "Time To Serve" information. This will calculate the current sentence without any adjustments. If the offender has served time in the past, you will use the "Previous Time Served" fields to enter the information on previous time served.

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558.031. Calculation of terms of imprisonment – credit for jail time awaiting trial.- 1. A sentence of imprisonment shall commence when a person convicted of an offense in this state is received into the custody of the department of corrections or other place of confinement where the offender is sentenced.

Credit for Time Served. In criminal law, "time served" describes a sentence where the defendant is credited immediately after the guilty verdict with the time spent in remand awaiting trial.The time is usually subtracted from the sentence, with only the balance being served after the verdict.

how to calculate credit for time served There have been many changes to California’s criminal statutes in relation to sentencing credits. Just recently, as a result of the ongoing State of California financial crisis, the governor increased the amount of credits earned to two days earned for two days served.